PhiPhase Limited

About PhiPhase

PhiPhase Limited was formed by Adrian Nash to provide independent consultancy services to the space industry in the fields of spacecraft communications, space electronics design and systems engineering. Adrian has a wealth of experience in Wireless systems design, digital signal processing (DSP), software and hardware including significant experience in the space industry. Adrian worked for COM DEV as Data links product stream Chief Engineer. Adrian has been the systems architect and lead engineer on the following programmes:

Flexible, Autonomous X-band TT&C

Recently, we have been involved with the design of an ESA TRP-funded research project:Flexible, Autotomous TT&C, (“FAT”) in collaboration with Zelinda (Ireland) Ltd and Honeywell Aerospace, taking the concept to TRL4 by building a breadboard. The FAT employs advanced DSP techniques to enable it to autonomously detect the modulation scheme and data rate of uplink transmissions in deep space research (DSSR), Earth Exploration (EES) and Near Earth Space Research (NESR) configurations. Adrian led the project whilst still working at Honeywell, developing the user requirements, equipment requirements and the overall architecture for an X-band configuration of the FAT. Later in collaboration with Zelinda, Adrian developed the FPGA designs for the autonomous carrier acquisition and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum acquisition modules in MATLAB/VHDL and the application control software written in Java.