PhiPhase Limited


Phiphase specialise in system architecture design, system analysis, FPGA/ASIC hardware design and software design.

Analysis and Simulation

We use MATLAB for most of our analysis and simulation work.

Architecture Design

We have developed our own bespoke Visio Stencil designed for communications system and electronics architecture design.

VHDL Simulation

For FPGA hardware simulation (verification) in VHDL, we use ModelSim PE. We are familiar with all the major FPGA vendors’ tool flows, Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus and Microsemi Libero.

Algorithm Development, Validation and Verification

It is vital that an algorithm can be developed as a concept validation to prove the algorithm works and provides the required performance. Using MATLAB or sometimes a C/C++ model (or both) we can convert the “full precision” simulation model to “finite precision”, targetted towards implementation in a DSP or FPGA. We then re-validate the algorithm’s performance with finite precision. The same model can then be used to generate test vectors for the FPGA or DSP verification loop. We also use hardware-in-the-loop to speed up some verification where a development board or breadboard is used to execute the algorithms in real time.

Development Models

Though specialising in DSP and digital electronics implementation, we can develop “breadboard” Development Models usually in close collaboration with our clients. We tend to use off-the-shelf evaluation boards for RF and digital electronics and other RF modules to provide a complete RF-to-digits evaluation platform.

Coding Standards and Documentation

Phiphase specialise in developing high-reliability, robust designs specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the space environment in terms of radiation susceptibility, thermal cycling and product assurance requirements. We adhere to well established coding standards and documentation is produced to the high standards demanded by the space industry.

Revision Control and CADM

We use Mercurial repositories to provide revision control of our source code and documents, backed up to external drives. We normally adopt the CADM processes and procedures of our clients.