PhiPhase Limited

Comms System Diagram Visio Stencil

A large part of what Phiphase does is architecting and documenting comms systems e.g. radios, signal processing systems, integrated assemblies of other components etc. Back in 2008 we started out by adopting Microsoft Visio as our preferred drafting tool for system-related drawings; everything from figures in documents through to a complete set of plans for a complex system.

We have now made this comprehensive (and still growing) library of blocks (i.e. a Visio stencil) available for free on a strictly non-supported, “use as-is”, basis without warranty. We also provide an A3-landscape system diagram template. We recommend using this template because it deals with a number of irritating so-called features that Microsoft added in later releases of Visio. Download it, and try it out. The file is a ZIP file containing stencils for Visio 2003, Visio 2010 onwards and a System diagram template.

Visio system stencil use

Block diagram e.g. a Figure in a report

System block diagrams (e.g. FPGA in this case)

Circuit diagrams (for illustration, not CAD)


Download Visio Comms Block Diagram Stencils
Zip file contains:
Comms Block Diagram Visio 2003.vss
Comms Block Diagram.vssx